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Get It Right With No Haggle-No Hassle Market-Based Pricing

Buying a used car has a historically bad reputation but we at Grace Auto Sales can promise you it’s not the case here. We can promise this because we use No Haggle-No Hassle Market Based Pricing!

Our mission is to present a fair value pricing to all of our customers.

  • This is achieved by polling thousands of real time vin-specific automotive prices hourly.

  • This ensures that every one of our customers receives the fairest most current pricing on every pre-owned vehicle we sell even if its at our loss (hey fair is fair).

  • We do not artificially inflate our pre-owned prices in hopes of winning a negotiating contest with our customers! Our pricing is based on actual transaction data.

  • We do not play pricing games.

  • After working over 30 years in the car business, we have realized that market based pricing, is by far, the best way to serve our customers.

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